Text analysis & Programming

These courses include applied and introductory courses in (archival) text analysis and data science programming in Python. 

Data Science Programming in Python  
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Scalar Text Analysis
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Sociology & History of (Social) Science 

These are working course concepts related to my ongoing research interests in science and social science (history). 

Sociology of Science
Working Course Outline

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History of Social Science
Working Course Outline

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Research Design 

I work closely with students from the initial inception of a research topic to the presentation of a fully developed scholarly paper. I help teach topics related to the research process as well as the writing of a compelling, persuasive, and substantive research paper. I approach empirical research as just one mode of knowledge creation and communication, which, though having a set of formal guidelines, is nonetheless a creative process when done authentically.

Sociological Methods
for Researching Digital Life
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Undergraduate Honors Research Seminar
Teaching Assistant

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Methods in Education Research Seminar
Teaching Assistant & Teaching Fellow

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Social Scientific Research Design Seminar

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Gender & Sociological Theory

What's the relationship between education and society? Between education and development? Why do we have to go to school? How does gender operate in education over and beyond reproducing inequality? I help to engage students in new and expansive thinking with questions of perennial sociological and intellectual significance. I approach social theory and its interrogation with empirical research as an interpretative exercise of imagination and expression.

States and Schools
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Gender and Education
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Introduction to Comparative Education
Teaching Assistant

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